BrightStart Robotics - Robotics Workshops For Parents and Children


          BrightStart Robotics runs workshops specifically designed for parents and their children in  kindergarden to third grade.  BrightStart Robotics grew out of our prior work with robotics and computer science programs for older children through Robot Springboard.  Often when parents would drop off their older children they would remark: "We wish you had something like this for our younger children!".

BrightStart Robotics is specifically designed for families that have no technical experience whatsoever but are interested in exploring robotics and computer science with their children.  Everything is explained simply and in "plain english" without technical jargon.

This program is a "hands on" workshop where parents and children will:

                                             Have fun!

                                           Build robots!

                            Learn to program their robots to "speak".

                       Program their robots to navigate simple mazes.

           Use digital and analog sensors to control their robot's behavior.

     There will also be drawing, public speaking, dancing, and possibly singing. 

                       Did we already say everyone will have fun?

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We will review a variety of robot kits that are available for children as well as the opportunities for continued work  in computer science and robotics.

At the conclusion of this workshop, parents and children will have an understanding of how to use some of the more commonly available robotics kits. They will be empowered to proceed with further work on their own or with more advanced BrightStart Robotics programs.

BrightStart Robotics is a division of Robot